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Colour Management

Having spent time in bringing your image to perfection on your monitor, you click “Print” but what emerges from the printer does not match the colour of what you see on your monitor. You make adjustments and run another test print – and another but itís still not right. Are the monitor settings inaccurate? Is the printer at fault? Is it a combination of both – or is it the paper?

Softscript can alleviate that problem for you by re-calibrating your system to ensure more accurate colour reproduction.

For years, serious film photographers took care to choose film which, coupled with careful darkroom techniques, would give them the colour accuracy they required. Digital imaging requires the same kind of care and attention to achieve print colour reliability. It’s called “Colour Management”. If you are serious about colour, that will involve re-calibrating your monitor, printer and scanner to determine how they reproduce colour and then saving the results as ICC Profiles. The profiles are then used by your computer to produce more accurate colour consistency throughout.

The Colour Management service offered by Softscript will create those ICC Profiles for you to give you accurate monitor colour and much improved colour matching between monitor and printer, even when using third party papers. If you have recently re-calibrated your monitor yourself but printing and screen colours are still a poor match, Softscript can still help. For £20 per paper, we will email to you colour patches for you to print on the papers you use. Post your prints to us, and we will e-mail to you the ICC printer profiles you need to produce more accurate colour matching. Please contact us to buy the colour patches for printing at your end.

Want to save time, paper and ink and get good results every time? Contact us for details of our Colour Management service.

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